Strategic communication

Phase 4: Measure and evaluate

Step 1: Design what you want to measure

Design what you want to measure: your success indicators. Preferably together with your stakeholders. Identify the main questions you want to answer. Did you succeed in changing knowledge, attitudes and behavior of your target audiences? Did your messages & means work?

Step 2: Select the measurement methods

Decide which role observing, interviewing and surveying will play. Judge how storytelling, focus groups and analyzing publicity about your project can contribute to your Evaluation.

Step 3: Make an evaluation plan

Decide who does what when. Execute the plan: collect data and info.

Step 4: Analyze results and agree on findings

Identify strong and weak points of your project and identify how you can improve.


Design and implement follow up steps and move forward!

Download the tool Evaluating your communication project and make the jump