Strategic communication

What you need to know before you make the jump

Using our tools could jump-start your change strategy

We offer the following tools to you. They are pdf’s with fillable form fields for easy working, alone or together with your colleagues. B

The next topics explain how you can use these tools.

Download the tool Understanding your target audiences Download the tool Analyze stakeholders Download the tool Understanding role of communication Download the tool Understanding your goal Download the tool Designing your messages Download the tool Planning you communication project Download the tool Briefing your partners Download the tool Jumping over communication barriers Download the tool Evaluating your communication project

Note: Hands on help and advice is usually advisable for initiating social change processes. So Frogleaps encourages you to team up!

Frogleaps Strategic communication model

To effectively use the tools we offer to you in this Key subject, it is required to understand Key subjects 1-5. The tools are based on Frogleaps Strategic communication model.

Now it’s your turn!

PS: Frogleaps Strategic communication course is aimed at behavior change for sustainability. If you only want to influence knowledge and attitudes, campaigning & educating might be sufficient. As these types of communication are in most cases only supporting for strategies aimed at behavior change, they are not the main focus of this course.