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Launching new free course: Storytelling October 16th

Communicating effectively with facts sheets, power points or Storytelling? Frogleaps helps professionals achieve green change by providing free... read more

Frogleaps goes worldwide June 18th

Frogleaps offers actionable intelligence to jump-start change strategies with marketing expertise. The new web platform supports professionals who... read more

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Stories about SAWAP-Projects April 23rd

Stories about SAWAP-Projects Innovations for sustainable land and water management in Africa remain unknown due to poor communication.... read more

Anti-rhino poaching campaign May 1st

Asked to comment on a project proposal for an anti-rhino poaching campaign, I noticed that it was very much... read more

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Who is Frogleaps?

Frogleaps is an initiative of Frits Hesselink and Peter Paul van Kempen: “We are passionate about social change for sustainable development. And we are dedicated to share our expertise. We strive to make a difference by providing easy-to-understand and ready-to-use content.”

Frits HesselinkFrits Hesselink has a long track record in strengthening skills of conservation and sustainable development professionals all over the world. He helps them realize change. Strategic communication is his specialty.

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Peter Paul van Kempen

Peter Paul van Kempen uses psychology to help his clients understand their audiences. What drives people? Knowing the keys to their hearts and minds, gives you the power to influence their behavior.
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Our partners

iucn-logo-135px-wide-retinaFrogleaps is endorsed by the Commission on Education and Communication of the IUCN, the world’s oldest and largest global environmental organization. IUCN CEC is a network driving change for sustainability. More than thousand members volunteer their professional expertise in learning, knowledge management and strategic communication to achieve IUCN goals.

iucn-PACO-logo-150px-wide-retinaThe IUCN Central and Western Africa Program (PACO) translated Frogleaps into French and adapts it now for the region. PACO works in 25 states and is supported by country program offices; Project offices; and transverse units. To contribute to the IUCN Global Program, the PACO is based on 4 regional thematic programs that develop a regional vision and implement their programs and projects: Forest Conservation; Water and wetlands; Marine and coastal areas; Protected areas and biodiversity.