Strategic communication

Analyzing and improving

After you and your partners collected the data and info, it’s time to analyze and find ways for improvement.

Round tables with partners

Round tables with your partners are a good means for joint analyzing. By jointly analyzing and identifying improvements you create the building blocks for a follow up.

Our case of Simona: Evaluation leads to real ownership of the solution

Natura 2000 site

Natura 2000 site next year: no more camping and trampling rare species

Simona organizes round tables with the stakeholders to evaluate the event management of the 1st of May festivities. They conclude that next year, event management should be the responsibility of the municipality. The protected area should only be responsible for monitoring the ecological footprint of the event. And informing the public about the value of the park. This solution worked out great. The next years, the event was a success!

– The visitors liked the new event a lot better than the ‘trampling-Natura-2000-site-event’ of the years before. No more motor bikes, less alcohol abuse, more fun for families and children, better celebrations all round!

– The municipality, the local community, the hunters club and the mountenairing club and the police became more proud about the park. They were happy with their new roles to protect it. B

– The hunters club decided to move their corn field, used for feeding animals in winter time, away from the Natura 2000 site. This way they enlarged the buffer zone for the Pulsatilla Grandis.

– Improved working relations makes all new actions of Simona’s team easier and more effective. They maximized the results of their efforts with strategic communication.

Simona looking back on her experiences


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