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Proud to announce our first partner: IUCN CEC

April 14th 2013

Frogleaps is endorsed by the Commission on Education and Communication of the IUCN, the world’s oldest and largest global environmental organization.

IUCN CEC is a network driving change for sustainability. More than thousand members volunteer their professional expertise in learning, knowledge management and strategic communication to achieve IUCN goals.

2 reacties op “Proud to announce our first partner: IUCN CEC”

  1. Keith Wheeler schreef:

    The Commission on Education and Communication of the IUCN has been looking to utilize different modalities of online or eLearning for quite some time. I think this is an excellent approach and will work quite well for Conservation Professionals worldwide. The Frogleaps strategic communication course offers a great start for high impact collaboration between Frogleaps and CEC…..

    Thanks to the Frogleaps Team!

    • Peter Paul van Kempen schreef:

      Thanks Keith for the compliment! There must also be still some aspects we could improve… We look forward to your suggestions as one of the world leaders in knowledge management!

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