What others say about Frogleaps

What others say about Frogleaps

We got great feedback after launching Frogleaps. Thanks! Next steps will be based on users’ input so feedback is welcome.


The course story telling is a great idea and good initiative!

–         Dr. Poul Engberg-Pedersen, Deputy Director General IUCN

The Commission on Education and Communication of the IUCN has been looking to utilize different modalities of online or eLearning for quite some time. I think this is an excellent approach and will work quite well for conservation professionals worldwide. The Frogleaps strategic communication course offers a great start for high impact collaboration between Frogleaps and IUCN CEC.

–       Keith Wheeler, CEO ZedX Inc. and Emeritus chair of IUCN CEC

The course Strategic communication is excellent and a great refresher of former communication classes. Thanks a lot for the work done. The example is very useful too. I’m going to organize a meeting with my board in the coming month to start thinking about our own strategy!

– Nathalie Frossard, Directrice – Association Plante & Planète

Congratulations on launching Frogleaps. It looks great. I believe the sustainability community is massively underutilizing behavioral science and digital and Frogleaps looks like a great first step.

–    Georgy Strakhov, Digital strategist at Tribal DDB Hong Kong

Congratulations on the wonderful work you have done. The look and feel and design is very pleasing. I spent about an hour or more working through the course. It is very clear and the example you work through is good. Mostly the links worked fine, and it was easy to navigate.

–    Wendy Goldstein, Lecturer Sustainable Development, Macquarie University, Australia

Frogleaps is a wonderful platform for professionals to recognise the importance of behaviour change process and how communication can play a role in social change and sustainable development. I believe ‘Strategic communication’ is a functional course to know change and more importantly understand the role of communication in the change process. It is a step-by-step journey for a user to explore how you can be strategic to bring sustainable change. It provides easy-to-understand and ready-to-use tools for practitioners who do not have much time to become an expert in communication or marketing but can use this tool in their day to day practice. I hope Frogleaps will provide a fun learning experience for the members and inspire people to become change makers.

–    Iqbal Hussain, Country manager, WildTeam, Bangladesh

Happy that you are launching this new learning platform, Frogleaps. It will be an asset for many to learn environmental issues.

– Antonio M. Claparols, President Ecological Society of the Philippines

The platform looks great and I am sure it’s going to be a valuable contribution to learning in the future. I will inform our membership about this opportunity.

–    Maja Vasilijevic, M.A., Chair, Transboundary Conservation Specialist Group, IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas

Excellent news and congratulations! I am very happy to know this. I am following the course. Yes, this is a very good platform for the change makers to make the changes. This is easy, fun and beneficial for us. You did a very good job. I will circulate it to my network and colleagues.

–    Rezvin Akter, Assistant Coordinator WildTeam Bangladesh

I found that the course can be useful  for professionals and all others interested in strategic communication. I published a brief review on my blog (eee-consul.blogspot)  to let the Russian speaking network study the tutorials and probably join the group. A single barrier – English as the only language – may prevent from attracting more followers. Nevertheless, the e-course is a superb platform to educate the experts and the audience. Thanks to the initiators! 

–      Dr. Nina Dobrynina, Independent Consultant Moscow, Russia

I think it is excellent. I am trying to get this type of strategic communication into the conservation work here as it is so BADLY needed. We have conservationists who shout – sometimes even with wrong facts – so that politicians and top administrators tend to ignore them as being hysterical.

–      Dr. Jini Dela, Independent Consultant, Sri Lanka

I was really happy when I saw the platform. I have started the course and it is great!

–       Mervat Kamal Batarseh, the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature, Jordan