Would you change, just because I ask you to?

Watch the presentation of Frits Hesselink for the Jardim Zoological conference in Lisbon. Frits explains which elements are crucial for effective strategies aimed at behavior change.

The power of Conservation Pschology

Watch the inspiring interview with Associate Professor Stanley T. Asah. He gives striking examples of irrational human behavior causing environmental problems. Stanley tells a compelling story about the power of psychology for nature conservation.

Design of Behavior Change

Julia Townsend shares her vision on how to change behavior for nature conservation. Awareness is not enough. We need to answer the question: which steps and actions should people take? And how can we facilitate those actions?


Video: Simona looking back on her experiences

Simona’s case is central in the course Strategic Communication. In this interview she looks back at the major problems her park faced and which were solved with a smart communication strategy.