Strategic communication

  • Learning pathways - October 31st 2013

    We analyzed the behavior of the users of the two courses on frogleaps. Maybe not surprisingly the multiple choice questions on the strategic communication course are frequently answered by most visitors and users. We also uploaded such questions in the > read more

  • Visiting Boč ten years later! - October 31st 2013

    In 2002 – 2003 I was involved in assisting Slovenian protected area managers in dealing with the issue of threats by visitors to biodiversity in the mountain landscape park of Boč. After long discussions they decided on a strategic focus > read more

  • Photo story of Our case of Simona - June 18th 2013

    Why communication fails and how to be successful Our true case starring park manager Simona Kaligaric bridges theory and practice for easy learning during the whole course. Frogleaps offers you this case with many lessons learned. In this blog, we > read more

  • Fighting illegal trade: focus on supply AND demand side - June 3rd 2013

    As long as there is demand and scarcity, illegal trade will continue…! “Say no to the illegal trade and consumption of rhino horns“, is the message of this campaign of Education for Nature Vietnam. It aims to end the myth and staying safe on dating websites

  • - May 23rd 2013

    Strategy is not a plan you implement. Strategy is a three-fold skill set you learn along the road towards desired results. You learn these skills by practicing, contemplating and practicing. In other words, the way one masters an art. The first blue ox hookup